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        2. 關于我們
        3. 公司簡介


        • 天津浩元精細化工股份有限公司
        • 天津漢沽現代產業區翠薇街18號
        • haoyuanchem@126.com
        • 300480
        • 19922596619
        • 張先生





               HY(abbreviated for HAOYUAN) company mainly produces all kinds of surfactants and non- ionic auxiliary agents under the brand.  Presently, HY is a member of the National Association of Surfactants and National Committee for Standardization.  At the end of the eleventh-five-year plan, the green surfactant industry has drawn key support from the government.  The project of productive capacity of 50000 tons of non-ionic surfactants has drawn financing support from NDRC(national development and reform commission) in 2010, including a set of the fifth generation ethoxylation equipment imported from Italy and two more from China which have reached the international level.

              At that time, HY will become an excellent manufacturer with complete varieties and stable quality for the production of non-ionic surfactants in China. 

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